Mittwoch, 24. Februar 2016

Consumed in 2016 Part II

23rd of January to 24th of February
I didn't really watch a lot of movies in the past few weeks, because I started a re-watch of "Sons of Anarchy". Moreover, I finished the second season of "Penny Dreadful" which I didn't like as much as the first one, but it still looks gorgeous. I also re-watched "The Shining" and "John Wick". The first one is - in my opinion - overrated and just a bad movie, the second one is one of my favourite action movies.
"Cold Prey": A Norwegian slasher movie. I really like slashers - I like most formulaic genres since I really admire the craft of obeying to rules and conventions while still being entertaining - and this was a good one. The characters were so likeable that I was really sorry to see them die, so it wasn't as much fun as other slashers. However, the music for the end credits was "All My Friends Are Dead" by Turbonegro, so it must be an awesome movie!
"Gasland": A documentary that made me really angry about these people who just take whatever they want and destroy it.
"The Hateful Eight": It was a huge disappointment. Usually, I love Tarantino, especially "Jackie Brown" and "Reservoir Dogs", but this was just too long, boring and unneccessary violent. (Based on my watchlist, you might realize that I don't have any problem with violent films per se, but this was  unpleasant and unentertaining.)

"Mistborn" by Brandon Sanderson: The first part of a trilogy. I have almost finished the second volume, but I won't write about it until I read the last book as well.

Again, no games.

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